5 Interactive Dog Toys We Don’t Care For and Why

Four Paws Fetch 'n Treat

Yesterday I made a post with 5 dog interactive dogs toys that we love and why we love them.

While we were finding those toys that we love, we ran into some that we didn’t love all that much.

so, today I want to share with you 5 interactive dog toys that we aren’t fond of and why!


Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball

The Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball

I won’t go into detail on this one just because I have already covered it in this post.

But $10 for a potential choking hazard is just…no.

The bottom line is, that we don’t think this a safe enough product, so it’s not one that you will find in our home.


Four Paws Fetch 'n Treat

Four Paws Fetch ‘n Treat

The Four Paws Fetch ‘n Treat LOOKS like a really neat toy. In fact, it looks so neat that we got it one year as a Christmas gift for Jet’s furry uncle, Finn.

From the picture, it looks like this interactive toy throws the ball for your dog to fetch and then rewards them with a treat when they return the ball to the hole in the top of the toy.

This isn’t exactly true.

Now, it COULD be that I didn’t thoroughly investigate this thing before I bought it or it could be that I was tricked by the fast “swooshy” lines into thinking that the ball would be “thrown” out of the machine for my dog to fetch it again. Either way, this didn’t happen.

When your dog returns the ball to the machine and drops it into the hole on top, treats fall out of the small hole on the front and the ball rolls straight down a U-bend and rolls a few feet across the floor.

Yup, there is no “yay I’ll fetch it!” moment, it’s an “oh, there’s a ball rolling a little bit, but I have a treat so I don’t care.”

It’s very anticlimactic.

Granted, I got it on sale for $25, but it was $25 I’d rather have spent on something else.


Tether Tug

The Tether Tug

The Tether Tug is a toy we have never owned and one that I will never buy.

Firstly, I don’t support toys that encourage owners to leave their dog alone to play in the yard – this makes for accidents that cannot be tended to quickly.

Secondly, there is more than plenty of testimonials out there that can attest to the danger that this toy can cause.

Tether toys like this can cause an incredible number of injuries including:

  • Teeth becoming loose, broken, fractured, chipped.
  • Rope thread becoming lodged between the teeth.
  • The dog getting hung up on either the rope or the hook of the tether.
  • The rod flying out of the ground and causing injury to the dog or the owner.
  • Neck injuries for dogs that hang on the rope.

This is just a no go product for us and I don’t recommend that you try it either.


Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

I REALLY wanted to like this treat ball and you and your dog might, but we didn’t.

Like most treat ball toys, this ball has an opening through which you insert treats and then you let your dog play with the ball until they get the treats out.

This is a softer toy which I hoped meant less noise than the hard plastic treat dispenser toys and it did! But the softer plastic of this ball also had an odd smell to it. A smell that was so strong that my boy wouldn’t go anywhere near it.

Now, I bought one of these for a friend’s dog before buying it for Jet, and her dog loved it, so it may just be that Jet is picky or extra sensitive to scents.

Another issue I had with this toy was the way that the inside of the hole in the ball is structured. The treats are exceptionally difficult to get out of the ball due to the way it is constructed and even my friend’s dog who loved the ball, gave up after a while of trying to get the treats out.

So, if you don’t have an odor sensitive dog and you have a dog who is content to bat a ball around for a while without actually getting the treats from inside it, then this might be for you.

It’s not for us, though.


Buster Cube

The Buster Cube Treat Toy

The Buster Cube Treat Toy is another treat dispensing toy that we gave a try.

I picked this one up not just because it was affordable, but also because I thought that the shape would give Jet a unique challenge.

What I found were a few things…

Firstly, the square shape of the Buster Cube DID give Jet a unique challenge. When trying to flip the square over, it would just slide across the carpet or hardwood floor. When he tried to use his paws to flip the cube, his nails and paws would just slide off the hard plastic surface.

When he finally did manage to flip the Buster Cube around somehow, it was so loud due to the treats rattling around inside the hard plastic, that it made Jet jump. When he got used to the noise, it simply became annoying as the rattle and clunk of his frustration echoed around the room.

If you’re looking for a noisy and frustrating treat dispensing toy, go for the Buster Cube. If you want something fun, go with something else like the Kong Wobbler.

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