5 Really Cool Dog Products You’ve Probably Never Seen

Heininger PortablePET Twistep Dog Hitch Step

Once in a while, I run into dog products that make me wonder how I didn’t know about them before.

I’m not talking about those weird “why is that even a thing” products, I’m talking about those “how have I lived without this?!” products.

Today I want to share five of these products with you.

5 Dog Products You Will Wonder How You’ve Lived Without

The Snuggly Dog Bath Towel for Dogs

1. The Snuggly Dog Bath Towel

Retailing for $38.99, the Snuggly Dog bath towel is the perfect solution to the wet dog shake after bathtime! This microfiber towel fits right over your dog so that you can dry them without the towel sliding to the floor. The towel is also a great solution to traveling with a wet dog after a trip to the dog park, beach, or swimming pool!

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Heininger PortablePET Twistep Dog Hitch Step

2. The Heininger PortablePET Twistep Dog Hitch Step

Retailing for $249.95, the Heininger PortablePET Twistep Dog Hitch Step might be pricey but if you have an SUV with a hitch and a pup that could use the lift, then it’s worth the money. The step fits right over the hitch and when not in use, it simply rotates right under the car. Although a few different companies offer similar type steps, the Heininger is the most highly recommended for quality and function.

Buy the Heininger PortablePET Twistep Dog Hitch Step at Amazon Now

Dyson Groom Tool

3. The Dyson Groom Tool

Retailing for $33.95, the Dyson Groom Tool attaches to a number of Dyson vacuum models and works something like the Flowbee for dogs. Granted, if your dog is terrified of the vacuum this isn’t for you, but if you’re tackling a Malamute coat, this tool is well worth it.

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Help 'Em Up Harness for Dogs

4. The Help ‘Em Up Harness

Retailing for between $75 to $125, the Help ‘Em Up Harness is a two point lift harness with a hip and back lift handle. We have used this harness for the past 7 years and wouldn’t be without it. It was a lifesaver after Jet’s ACL tear repair surgery and now that his hind legs are very weak due to age, the harness helps us get him upstairs. Whether you have a dog recovering from surgery or a senior dog that could use a little help, the Help ‘Em Up is a worthy investment.

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GoDogGo Fetch Machine

5. The Go Dog Go Fetch Machine

Retailing for $149.99, the Go Dog Go G4 Fetch Machine is an automatic ball launcher that works with your dog. Each time your dog returns with the ball and drops it in the bucket, the launcher sends another one out! It may not seem necessary to some, but if you have a retriever in your home, then you get it.

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