8 Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Your Dog

Snoozer Forgiveness Sofa

This time of year, the focus of gifting is on family. What do you get mom? What about dad? What about crazy Uncle Irving? But what I really want to know, is what you are getting your faithful furry companion!

If you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your pup, don’t worry too much because today I have 8 great last minute Christmas gifts for your dog!

Snoozer Forgiveness Sofa

1. The Snoozer Forgiveness Sofa

I will tell you more about this AMAZING bed later this week when we do our first ever review post but trust me when I tell you that it’s worth the money you will pay. This is a FULLY (100%) washable bed with bolsters that don’t flop and a generously padded ortho. base. If your dog has been extra good this year and you have it in the budget to splurge, this is a must have for under the tree. Plus, if you order now through Amazon, you can still get this bed before Christmas!

Order Through: Amazon  Price: $190.57 – $358.59

Kong Wobbler

2. The Kong Wobbler

The Kong Wobbler has been (and I think always will be) one of my favorite dog toys. I love this toy because it’s durable (made from hard plastic), it stimulates your dog (you hide treats inside), and it is a toy that can be played with without assistance (it bounces back like Boppy the Clown). The Wobbler is available in both small and large and if you grab it now from Amazon, you’ll have it before Christmas!

Order Through: Amazon  Price: $11.84 – $14.95

Hide a Bee

3. Hide-A-Bee

There is a Hide-a-Bee, Hide-a-Squirrel, and Hide-a-Bird and they come in various sizes. Jet is quite fond of the “large” bees, where his fur-uncle is most taken by the “ginormous” squirrels (what more do you expect from a terrier?) These are fun toys for any dog that won’t shred them in seconds. The small stuffed animals can be pulled out of their home and put back in and each one squeaks. Jet likes to pull them out as I put others back in so we have an endless supply of bees!  You can also purchase additional bees, squirrels, and birds if needed. You may be able to find this one at your local PetCo, otherwise, you can still order from Amazon and get it in time for Christmas!

Order Through: Amazon or In-Store at PetCo  Price: $7.99 – $33.75

Gooby Big Dog Vest

4. Gooby Big Dog Sports Vest

We picked up a Gooby vest for Jet after he had his chest shaved for a cardiac ultrasound in the middle of winter one year. This is one of the best winter coat options for big dogs out there and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one again. It’s constructed just like a human “puffer” jacket and has a toggle at the bottom to keep it tight. I should also note that it also doesn’t come down as far as it does on the picture, boys can still pee without peeing on the jacket! This is another Amazon grab if you want to get it by Christmas!

Order Through: Amazon  Price: $55.27 – $55.78


5. Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine For Dogs

I must preface by saying that we have not tried this toy ourselves, but it is one I would contemplate picking up for my fur-brother, Finn. Any dog that loves to chase bubbles will get hours of fun out of this bubble machine and while I’m not certain on bacon flavored bubbles, I think the machine itself is worth investing in to see those zoomies!

Order Through: Amazon  Price: $34.95

Raw Bones Make Great Gifts For Your Dog

6. Raw Bones!

Raw bones are a GREAT gift for your dog this Christmas! Primal has a good selection of raw recreational bones that you can usually find at your local specialty dog food store (here in Raleigh we have Unleashed Mutt). You will likely find them anywhere that you can find raw dog food. You can also ask the butcher in your local grocery store meat department to cut you a marrow bone – often they’re referred to as “soup bones” but these can sometimes be much smaller than is safe, so make sure you specify a length!

Please note, these are RAW bones. Please do NOT feed cooked or sterilized bones as they can splinter.

A few tips on these:

  • The marrow is VERY rich and can cause tummy upset so if you have a sensitive pup, try scooping some marrow out before handing the bone over.
  • Feed outside or if it’s cold outside, place a towel down because these bones can be messy!
  • Freeze bones to make them last longer and make them a little more work!
  • Throw bones out when they are too small to be safe or if they splinter.
  • Store bones in the freezer after taking them off your dog, they are raw meat bones after all!
  • DON’T give marrow bones for the first time when there is more than one dog present, you need to assess any potential guarding behavior to be safe!

Order Through: Your local stores!   Price: $1 – $7

Giant Monkey Stick

7. The Giant Monkey Stick

I won’t profess to understand the giant monkey stick phenomenon, but ever since these toys came out, they have been a hit with dogs everywhere. This giant stuffed monkey toy is almost three feet long and as soft as toys get. If you have a snuggler or a dog that loves their “babies” then this is a good gift to snag this Christmas! Get it from Amazon and have it under the tree in time for Christmas!

Order Through: Amazon  Price: $28.18

Spend Time With Your Dog


On the average day most of us are sucked into our jobs, our e-mail, our favorite computer game, our texting or phone conversations, our daily chores…the list goes on and on. Life is busy. Sometimes, however, we get so caught up in the busy-ness of our own lives that we forget to give our pup’s the time that they deserve. Of all of the gifts that you can give to your dog this year, the one that will make the most difference is your time. Whether you play a game of fetch with your overactive teenage furkid or whether you give your aging senior a soothing massage, let your pup know that you are there with THEM 100%. Put down the phone, turn off the tv, shut down the laptop, and enjoy the moment. We have so little time with our furkids as is, make the effort to make their lifetime one to remember.

Price: FREE

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