Annnndddd We’re Back!


NewsIt’s been a tiring few weeks here, but we’re finally back!

I set about redesigning the site when I found out the search function wasn’t working as intended. This redesign idea took me much much longer than anticipated…albeit mostly due to my pickiness, but I will hesitantly say that it’s done for now.

During this two weeks of redesign, things have also been hectic at home.

Jet has been having a rough time with his dementia. Consequently, I have not been sleeping well. At least no more than an hour at a time. It’s beginning to wear on me, but as with all things, we will work through it and find a way to cope.

In other news, Jet has also begun to experience minimal urinary incontinence.

Already dealing with fecal incontinence, urinary incontinence doesn’t ask much more than we were already doing, but it is worrying when combined with his cognitive slide this past week or so.

I’m tired. I’m in no mind to look at things with a clear head at this very moment, but I fear that we don’t have long left with our boy.

I will hopefully be back to regular posts and we are praying that things pick up for Jetster this week.

Thank you all for being so patient!

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