Big Dogs and Halloween

Big Dog Frog Costume

I LOVE Halloween.

I especially love Halloween when it comes to dogs in costume.

As a big dog lover and a big dog owner, however, Halloween costumes present a challenge.

I mean, at what point did the Halloween costume manufacturers for dogs decide – “Nope, no costume for him, he’s too big.”

We have costumes for little dogs, costumes for medium sized dogs, costumes for kids, costumes for adults…why aren’t there more costumes for big dogs?

Ask us to pay more, sure, I get that. We pay more for boarding, more for medications, more for surgeries, more for food, etc. We EXPECT to pay more, but at least give us options!

So, with Halloween coming up (you may have seen some of our favorite costumes at the end of each post!) and being on bed rest for a few days while sick, I decided to take to the web and find some GOOD big dog Halloween costumes.

Here are a few of the costumes we found (and if you’re on Twitter, you had the chance to vote on which one Jet’s grandma would get him this year!).


Big Dog Bee Costume

The Big Dog Bumblebee Halloween Costume

There are a lot of bumblebee costumes out there for dogs, but the sizing is all different and a lot of them are made just for little dogs. After some searching, I came across this costume on eBay. I believe it was released by Target last year (their bee costume for this year is nowhere near big enough for big dogs!) but you might find this one by searching eBay for “sequin bee dog costume” “XL bee dog costume” or “XXL Bee Dog Costume.” Just remember, for a barrel-chested breed dog around Jet’s size (70-80lbs) you need around 32″ at the chest. Target brand costumes will usually fit in a size XL.


Big Dog Frog Costume

The Big Dog Frog Halloween Costume

This is one of my favorite big dog Halloween costumes BUT the length is questionable for bigger breeds. The proportions seem to be built for bigger shorter breeds like bulldogs. The costume pictured above is the “Zelda Frog Prince” dog costume. Now, I know that their sizing CAN run up to 3XL and for a dog like Jet you will need a 2XL to 3XL, however, I have yet to find this costume any bigger than XL (at Now, there is also a Top Paw frog costume and I’ve found Top Paw size XL or XXL to work depending on the costume (if you’re worried, go up a size.) Lastly, there is a really cute Zack and Zoey brand Frog Prince costume out there but the biggest size they have is an XL – this will fit the chest, but will be a little short on the body at 24″.


Big Dog Pirate Costume

The Big Dog Pirate Halloween Costume

This big dog pirate costume is one of my favorite picks this Halloween! It’s the Rubie’s brand Pirate Boy costume. Now Rubie’s make a range of sizes, but not all of their costumes are available in the bigger sizes (this makes me REALLY sad because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the costumes they come up with!) Fortunately, this one is available in XL, XXL, and XXXL! We go with XXL in Rubies because the chest is 32″ and neck to tail is 36″.


Big Dog Pumpkin Halloween Costume

The Big Dog Pumpkin Halloween Costume

This pumpkin costume is a cute fallback Halloween costume. I find it a little generic, but if you’re in a pinch, it’s a sure fit and it’s also pretty cute. The costume pictured is the Zack and Zoey Pumpkin Pooch costume. Again, since this is a Zack and Zoey costume, the biggest they have is the XL which may be a little bit short for your pup. Not to worry though because Target has a cute pumpkin costume in XL and HuggleHounds has a Large hat and cuff pumpkin combo which is adorable. Top Paw also has a pumpkin costume in XXL and XL that will work too (it’s not as cute, though!)


Big Dog Superhero Halloween Costume

The Big Dog Robin Superhero Halloween Costume

This is another of my favorite Halloween big dog costumes this year! I am a huge DC Comics fan (with Batman being my favorite) so I couldn’t help loving this costume. This is another costume by Rubie’s, but it is from their Big Dog Boutique line. This is the DC Comics Robin costume and it is mostly stocked up to XL which won’t be big enough, but if you hunt around a bit – especially on eBay – you’ll find this one in XXL and 3XL as well. The only reason I didn’t tell Jet’s grandma to snag this one this year is that the black mask just wouldn’t work :(. They have a fabulous Green Lantern costume that would have worked, but they don’t have the bigger sizes available in it.


Big Dog Halloween Costume

The Big Dog Skunk Halloween Costume

This is our selection for the year. After asking our Twitter fans for their input, we decided that Jet would make a fabulous skunk this year! So this is the costume that Jet’s grandma will be sending! This one is called the “Lil’ Stinker” and is made by California Costumes. Now, on their sizing recommendations they recommend XL for Lab’s, but a few years ago we got our infamous lobster costume from them and it was way too short! This year we got our Skunk costume in XXL and are hoping against hope that it is long enough! As far as I can tell XXL is as big as this brand goes, so finger’s crossed!


Big Dog Superman Halloween Costume

The Big Dog Superman Halloween Costume

Superman is Jet’s daddy’s favorite…well, I lie, it’s Spiderman, but his second favorite is Superman, and being that Krypo is the ultimate super dog, this Superman costume is a GREAT choice for any big dog! This is, again, a Rubie’s costume from their Big Dog Boutique and is available in XXL and XXXL!


Big Dog Caterpillar Dog Costume

The Big Dog Caterpillar Halloween Costume

This is another really cute Halloween costume choice! This is the Caterpillar costume by Top Paw. This is available in XL and if you search around enough, you can find it in XXL as well. The recommended size for Jet is XL, but I prefer going with XXL since Halloween costumes almost ALWAYS run small. With this costume, in particular, you need to watch out for length measurements. If you get too short of a costume, it won’t have the same effect – I’d give you approximate lengths but their costume lengths seem to vary from costume to costume and I can’t find exacts for this one, from what I can find you are looking at 24″-28″ for XL and 28″-34″ for the XXL.  Rubie’s also have an XXL caterpillar hoodie if you are having trouble with measurements on the Top Paw.


Big Dog Tuxedo Halloween Costume

The Big Dog James Bond (Tuxedo) Halloween Costume

This is a costume that you can pull out for a number of occasions and, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a dog in a tux? There is a wide range of tuxedo’s out there to choose from. The one pictured above is the Tux and Tails from over at Baxter Boo. I’m not exactly sure who makes this one, but from the measurements, I’d go with an XXXL for Jet. If you’re looking for a lighter version you can also just grab a collar and cuffs version and they’ll be easier to keep a wiggly dog comfortable! Just be sure to measure the neck and add two finger widths to make sure you get the right sizing option, there is nothing worse than a tight collar!


Big Dog Underdog Halloween Costume

The Big Dog Underdog Halloween Costume

Underdog is a great costume for those who grew up in the era of Saturday morning cartoons! I really like this costume and it’s pretty easily available too which is a plus! This costume is available in XXL and XXXL, both of which should fit bigger dogs. For Jet, we would likely go with XXL since it is recommended for 49 to 95lbs and has a chest measurement of 26″ to 33″. The XXXL has a chest of 34″ to 40″ and is recommended for 90lbs to 185lbs (not sure I buy that!) Either way, you can find this costume in pretty much every dog costume store around this Halloween season, so if it’s your favorite, you should have no trouble finding it!

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