60 Bucket List Ideas For Dogs

60 Bucket List Ideas For Dogs

100 Bucket List Ideas For DogsMaking a bucket list can be a great way to celebrate your pup’s life, but bucket list ideas for dogs can be hard to come up with when it’s your dog’s life that’s coming to a close. So today I want to share some great ideas for your dog’s bucket list from dog parents around the world.

1. Hold your own photo shoot or hire a professional to snap some good photos.

2. Hit the drive-thru for a plain cheeseburger.

3. Take your dog out for an ice cream cone.

3. Go for a dinner date at a dog-friendly restaurant.

4. Buy a dog-friendly game and teach your dog how to play it.

5. Visit a pet-friendly street fair.

6. Head out to one of the dog days MLB baseball games with your dog in tow!

7. Have a caricature drawn of the two of you after a walk along the pier.

8. Go for a hike to your favorite place together,

9. Take your dog with you on a tour of a dog-friendly winery.

10. Splash out on that expensive toy you have been eying for your pup.

11. Pack a people AND dog-friendly picnic and take your pup on a picnic in the park, just the two of you.

12. Take a nap together in a hammock.

13. Have an at-home spa day for your dog or take them for a day at the doggy spa.

14. Go for a walk somewhere new and let your dog’s nose lead the way.

15. Get a picture taken with Santa/the Easter Bunny.

16. Spend the night in a pet-friendly hotel and enjoy a movie and snacks!

17. Read a book out loud while you cuddle with your dog.

18. Set up a plastic pool in the fenced yard and just laze around the yard and enjoy the sunshine and wildlife with your pup.

19. Head to Starbucks for a Puppachino.

20. Find a safe confined area and let your pup run off leash until their heart is content.

21. Arrange for some good canine friends to come by for a celebration of life party.

22. Walk in the rain and stomp in the puddles!

23. Make friendship bracelets for you and your dog.

24. Join your dog in that big mud pit and just get dirty!

25. Invest in a GoPro and dog harness and let your dog make their own movie!

26. Take a dog yoga class together.

27. Visit local roadside attractions with your pup and take lots of pictures!

28. Find a friendly police officer or firefighter and ask if you and your pup can take a ride in a police car together or take a photo on the firetruck!

29. Take your dog to work with you for a day at the office!

30. Set up a professional photoshoot with your dog and their best doggy friend.

31. Have breakfast in bed together.

32. Go camping together under the stars.

33. Visit a local dog bakery and let your pup pick out some treats!

34. Build a snowman together or have a snowball fight!

35. Have a family dinner with your dog as the guest of honor.

36. Take your dog to a dog-friendly pool and swim together!

37. Make a scrapbook together.

38. Make your dog a ball pit in a plastic wading pool.

39. If your dog enjoys wearing clothes or needs to for health reasons, take them shopping for a new dress or sweater complete with accessories.

40. Make a blanket fort and spend the day watching Dog TV!

41. Let your dog be king or queen for the day.

42. Have a playdate at home with a canine friend.

43. Call into work and have a duvet day with your pup.

44. Visit the beach with your pup and wade in the surf together.

45. Get your dog a doggy massage.

46. Knit or crochet a blanket just for your pup.

47. Take your dog to the toy store and let them pick out anything they like.

48. Make clay pawprints.

49. Let your dog star in their own movie by filming your day together.

50. Have a professional portrait painted of your pup.

51. Set out the sprinklers in the yard and get silly!

52. Watch the sunrise or sunset together.

53. Rent a convertible for the day, strap your dog in with their seatbelt and take a drive with the top down!

54. Take your dog to a pet psychic.

55. Take your water-loving dog out in a canoe with you!

56. Help your dog paint a picture using non-toxic paints.

57. Have a dog-friendly Easter Egg hunt by hiding stinky treats around the house and letting your pup sniff them out!

58. Dig a big hole in the yard with your digging dog!

59. Ask a friend if you and your pup can go out on their boat with them and let your pup feel the wind through their fur! (Don’t forget the life jackets!)

60. Track down your pups littermates and have a reunion.

What other ideas do you have for your pup’s bucket list? Leave a comment below and share your ideas with us! 



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  1. April 13, 2018

    A nap together in a hammock sounds awesome. And I’ve totally had pictures taken with my dog and Santa!

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