Choosing a Dog Bed For Your Dog

Dog Furniture Bed

I can’t begin to count the number of dog beds we have been through over the years.

We try one bed, it completely fails us, so we try another…and the cycle goes on.

We have yet to find the “perfect bed” for us, but we have learned some great tips to help you to choose the right bed for your dog.

Dog Bolster Bed

The Bolster Bed

The bolster bed is perfect for your “leaner” dog.

This bed is supposed to provide support for your dog to lean against while resting.

Jet loves bolster beds, sadly we have yet to find one that really holds its shape.

Every bolster bed we have tried to date ends up with the bolsters flopping over and providing no support after a while.

The bed pictured above looks like it might provide structure, but we haven’t tried it ourselves.


Kuranda Cot Dog Bed

The Cot Dog Bed

The cot bed is a great option for your arthritic dog or dog that gets overheated.

This bed almost always has a mesh bottom to it and always lifts your dog off the ground.

The elevation of this bed helps with air circulation which also helps to keep that “doggy odor” down.

The biggest drawback to this bed was the inability for Jet to grip or stand with stability because of its elevated nature.

We tried a cheaper version of the Kuranda Cot Bed pictured above and I wouldn’t recommend it. Go for the Kuranda instead. The cheap brand of cot was frustrating to put together and by the time it was together I almost certainly had lost 20lbs and very almost lost an eye.


Dog Cave Bed

The Cave Bed

The cave bed is perfect for snugglers and burrowers.

This bed comes with a structured hoop that can be removed to create a more “floppy” entrance to the bed.

It is also worth noting that they make this bed for larger dogs which is unusual.

We actually tried this bed before and Jet HATED it. He hated it so much he wouldn’t even go inside it. For two days we tried our best to tempt him to try it, but in the end, it went back to the store.

The Lounger Dog Bed

The Lounger or Cuddler Bed

This bed is another bed for cuddler dogs.

This bed is a more affordable type of bed, but it offers less structure for larger dogs and less support for older dogs.

We tried one of these beds for Jet, but the lack of structure was frustrating for him. He did like being surrounded on the sides in a secure way, though.

Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Orthopedic Dog Bed

The orthopedic dog bed is great for younger dogs that need joint support.

The support offered by the foam in orthopedic beds is great for bad joints. The foam is not good for older dogs that tend to have potty accidents.

The bed pictured above is a bed that we have at home for Jet. It’s made by Snoozer. We like the amount of foam in the bed, it’s very supportive. We don’t like the bolsters (they offer no support at all). We also don’t like that it’s foam because it’s hard to clean and absorbs odors, but we can’t expect any less from an orthopedic bed made with foam.


Dog Furniture Bed

The Furniture Style Dog Bed

The furniture style dog bed is for dogs that like to feel like one of the family.

A few years ago we invested in one of the beds pictured above.

Despite its hefty price tag, I was sold. The leather would be easy to clean. It was made to human furniture specifications so it was high quality. The firm structure would be supportive.

The problem? Jet just could not get comfortable on it. Even with blankets over it, he was shifting left and right all night trying to get comfortable. On top of that, the bed is shallow and offers no security.

Honestly, for the price of this one, I wouldn’t even try it.


The Verdict?

The bed you choose for your dog depends on your dog’s needs.

If you are like us, though, and have a senior dog that needs support but has accidents at home, go for a baby crib mattress. It offers support, doesn’t trap odor, is easily cleaned, and can be customized with sheets. PLUS, it’s far more affordable than most of the beds pictured above.

As for us? We’re still waiting for that bolster bed that actually holds its shape. If you know of one that manages to keep its bolsters as bolsters and not floppy cushions, PLEASE get in touch. If you make a bolster bed that you would like tested by a 70lb leaner, you’ve met your match, drop us a line!

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