Diapers for Dogs with Fecal Incontinence

Diapers for Canine Fecal Incontinence

Having a dog with incontinence is sometimes trying. It requires patience, a gentle approach, and, most of all, sanitation products that work.

As Jet has aged, he has started to lose a lot of muscle mass and some nerve function in his hind end. As this has progressed, he has begun to experience periodic incontinence.

Now, incontinence for any dog is not the end of the world and I knew this when it started to happen to my boy.

What I didn’t know at the time, but would soon learn, is that there are very few products available for dogs with fecal incontinence.

So, being me, I started to research.

And research.

And research.


Huggies Goodnites


The first product we tried was Huggies Goodnite in L-XL.

We used these flipped backwards with a [ shape cut for his tail (with the two legs of the shape pointed down.)

While these fit Jet at 70lbs and would be perfect for urinary incontinence, they are too elasticated to contain any fecal incontinence.

So, I tried one brand after the other until…


Diapers for Canine Fecal Incontinence


No, I’m not being cheesy, that is the brand name of the diapers we use.

There are two lines of Tranquility overnight diaper products we have used – the ATN tab style diapers and the pull-up style pictured above.

We purchase XS and cut the same [ shape for Jet’s tail.

Both of these work well for the intended purpose, but we found with the tab diaper style, in order to get it tight enough to hold well, the legs holes become very tight around Jet’s thighs when he lays down. So, we tend to stick with the style pictured above.

We pick these up from Amazon for $17.18 for a pack of 22.

But, that isn’t all we use.

Huggies Goodnites

Back to the Goodnites.

We use a pair of Goodnites on top of the Tranquility diapers.

This is a habit I started when we first used the Tranquility diapers because I wasn’t sure how well they would work. We had some Goodnites left over, so I continued this habit even though it really isn’t necessary.

So, if cash is an issue, stick with the Tranquility without the Goodnites on top and you’ll be fine, as long as….

Diaper Cover

…you use a diaper cover.

The diaper cover is important because it keeps the diaper up, but it also creates a little more hold along the legs and tail to stop leaking.

We went through a range of different diaper covers before we found this one on Amazon from Funny Dog Clothes.

I LOVE this cover because it’s washable (a huge plus) and it has the toggle around the tail so that you can customize the tail hole to stop leakage.

We got our diaper cover in 2XL and it is too big (but still works well.) At 70lbs, the XL size would fit Jet perfectly.

So, that’s our solution.

If you are facing canine fecal incontinence and looking for diapers for dog poop purposes, then we recommend picking up the Tranquility diapers and the diaper cover above. They’re worth the investment, I promise you.

Oh, and grab some baby wipes too, because while these diapers hold the mess, they still require clean up after diaper removal! We use a cucumber melon scented wipe currently. We used to use unscented (which actually DO have scent) and regular wipes, but after a while they start reminding you of the smell of poop so we changed it up!

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  1. Kristen
    September 29, 2018

    Hi there! I just wanted to say that tranquility diapers have single handedly saved my senior dogs dignity and my sanity. Thank you SO much for sharing this information. It has been a real game changer as my senior dog is in her final days with us. <3

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