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How to Save When Buying Dog Products

I believe in getting a good deal.

This is particularly important when shopping on a budget and when you have a special needs dog.

With that said, even if you don’t need to shop for good deals, it’s always nice to get your hands on one.

But us? We need to shop good deals.


How to Save When Buying Dog Products

We need deals on dog medications, deals on dog food, deals on poop bags, deals on Christmas gifts for dogs on our list, deals on dog treats…you get the point.

So today, I want to tell you some of the ways that we save on our dog products.


Before I begin, however, you should know that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. What does this mean? It means that when you make a purchase, Jet and I will make a small percentage of your purchase amount. This is usually between 2% and 6% and it helps us to make a little money from our blog. What it does not do, is influence which sites and products I recommend to you. I recommend only websites that we have used ourselves and products that we use at home. Occasionally I may suggest trying a product or site that we haven’t used ourselves, but if I do, I will boldly inform you that this is the case.


A Quick Note


No matter what you are shopping for online, use EBates.
No, seriously.
When you sign up with EBates, if you go to their site first and search for the online site where you want to go shopping, they offer you coupons, coupon codes, and special deals. Then, when you click on their link, you earn CASH BACK for your purchase. Every purchase you make by going to their site first will earn you cash back that is deposited in your account within a couple of days. You can then set up your PayPal account to receive this cash back or you can choose other payment methods such as a check.
PLUS, when you refer your friends through your account link, you get bonuses of up to $60!


Deals on Dog Food and Treats




Jet currently eats Wellness Grain Free White Fish. You can see why on my post about low phosphorus dog foods.

I like the convenience of Petco in case we run low on food and I don’t have two days to wait for a delivery. Most of all, though, I like that Petco has PALS rewards so we can save money. They have frequent sales so we can save money. And they have auto-delivery with frequent $30 e-gift cards when you set up a new auto-delivery subscription.

With an e-gift card from a new subscription set up, a PALS $5 reward, and a Wellness sale, we can get Jet’s food for around $20.

When we aren’t in a rush for cheap dog food, or when we were on food that wasn’t carried locally, I LOVE

I love Chewy for many reasons – low dog food prices, fast and free delivery, their product selection, and – most of all – their charitable policy and customer service.

On the odd occasion that the wrong product was sent to us or when we needed to return a product that I stocked up on and Jet decided he would no longer tolerate it, they asked that I donate the food instead of return it.

No questions. No requests. No “Sorry no refunds”. No “Can you drop it off at the post office, please?”.

Just “Of course! Here’s your refund and please donate the item to a local shelter or charity of your choice!”


Deals on Poop Bags, Some Toys, and Senior Dog Diapers

Dog Deals on Amazon


You knew would be on the list somewhere.

There are few places that beat Amazon’s prices on certain products that we buy often. If you have a Prime membership or a free trial of a Prime membership, these products are even cheaper.

So, what do we currently buy from Amazon?

XL Goodnites – we use these to cover Jet’s diapers. These go over his main diaper and under his waterproof diaper cover. I will make a video this coming week to show how we diaper for canine fecal incontinence.

Pampers XL Underjams – we use these instead of Goodnites if they are cheaper since they only serve as a “safety” diaper.

Dog Poo Bags – we tried these for the first time this month because they were cheaper than the Pogi’s and Earth Rated biodegradable handle bags we usually get. They’re a little thin so you have to be careful picking up and the scent is barely noticeable, but they are BIG which is great, they’re cheap which is greater and the handles are better for tying up bags.

We also get some toys here if we are looking for something specific like a new Kong. So far Amazon has the most affordable pricing for specific toys like this.


Deals on Pet Medication


Cheap Pet Medications


With approval from our amazing vet, we get Jet’s medication from Vet Approved RX.

They don’t have the most rock bottom prices on everything, but they are competitive and they do offer coupons. Plus, they are VERY fast at responding to questions and GREAT at keeping in touch with you about your orders.

Some of Jet’s medications are only a few dollars cheaper here than at our vet and some are quite a bit cheaper, but we almost always meet free shipping.

We currently use Vet Approved RX for Jet’s Vetmedin, Enalapril, heartworm preventative, and Adequan.


Dog Deals of the Day Sites


Dog Deal of the Day


DoggyLoot is a site that I tend to default to when buying Christmas gifts for dogs on our list. The reason for this is that they used to offer a lot of two-pack and three-pack toy deals so I could knock out multiple gifts at once without spending a lot.

Their site also offers a few subscription box options like a treat of the month and toy of the month which is pretty neat.

Now, with that said, I have a feeling that DoggyLoot has since been bought out by Coupaw. Their sites look the same, they often carry similar products, and their selection of items has changed somewhat since I last shopped there.

Doggy Loot still carries quite a few good deals on toys and other items and they have always been easy to work with in my experience! AND they always offer FREE shipping on every order which, in my opinion, is a necessity for bargain buy and daily deal sites.


Dog Deal of the Day Site


Coupaw is a great doggy deal of the day site IF you are looking for something in particular, if you are looking for a gift idea for a dog or a dog owner, or if you are just looking to spend money on dog related products. Their prices are discounted and their products are varied.

Coupaw does carry some products that I don’t agree with (particularly training products) but being a deal of the day site, this comes with the grab bag of products they offer.

I am also hesitant about their VIP program where you pay a monthly fee for access to some deals and a 5% discount on items. I don’t feel this should be necessary for a discount site and it feels like just another way to make money. With that said, however, they do carry quite a few good products that you don’t have to be a VIP to access.

Overall Coupaw is a good site if you are looking for dog toys in particular.


Dog Deals on Amazon


Yup, it’s Amazon again!

What used to be Amazon’s Gold Box, is now Amazon’s Deal of the Day section. This section has multiple categories including a “pets” category and this includes deals of the day, lightning deals, savings, sales, coupon deals, and Prime only deals.

Depending on what you are looking for you might find a good discount in this section of their site, but I find it frustrating to trawl through unless I’m looking for something in particular.

This section frequently includes treats, household items like cat trees and dog beds, grooming and health items, and clothing and collars. I will say that I have never seen a high-quality brand for clothing and collars in their deals section, but I have seen some good deals on toys, treats, and household and health items.


Woot daily dog deals is an occasional doggy deal of the day site. Around once or twice a month they feature pet related items.

For the most part, their dog products are limited to pet gates and beds for smaller dogs. Once in a while, however, they have deals on Grizzly Salmon Oil which Jet loves!


Groupon is a daily deal site that people rarely think of when looking for dog deal of the day sites. The deals don’t change that frequently if you are looking for “goods”, but they do have some local Groupons for boarding and grooming etc. that change frequently.

I love snagging little things on Groupon when they have coupons (which is almost every weekend!) They carry just about anything you can think of, but I like grabbing the toys when they have a $10 off coupon over the weekend! You can check out the coupons over at E-Bates to see what current coupons are being offered.

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