Emergency Pet Resources You Should Have Bookmarked

Phone Numbers for Pet Emergencies

Throughout the years of owning a dog, there are going to be times when you find yourself in need of one resource or another. Whether you are looking for information on your dog’s vitals or information on toxin ingestion, I can guarantee that you will turn to everyone’s friend – Google.

To save you a little time, here are some great resources that every dog owner should have bookmarked!


Phone Numbers for Pet Emergencies


Phone Numbers

Pet Poison Hotline 855-764-7661 ($49 USD per incident)

Emergency Disaster Hotline 1-800-227-4645

National Pet Recovery Hotline 1-800-984-8638

Stolen Pet Reporting Hotline 1-800-STOLEN-PET

AKC Registered Lost Pets Hotline 1-800-252-7894

Pet Loss Support Hotline 1-888-478-7574

Low-Cost Spay and Neutering Referral Hotline 1-800-248-SPAY

Pet Travel Regulation Information Hotline 1-800-545-USDA

Report Animal Fighting Activity 877-TIP-HSUS (You should also contact your local animal control and police department)

Puppy Mill Tipline 1-877-645-5847

Animal Legal Defense Fund 1-800-555-6517


Emergency Videos for Pet Owners



The Heimlich Maneuver for Dogs

Canine CPR VideoIt is always best to get certified properly in canine CPR, but if you have a life or death emergency and this is your only choice, this CPR video is a great resource.

What to Do for a Dog in Shock 

When and How to Induce Vomiting in Dogs

How to Stop Bleeding in Dogs

How to Move an Injured Dog

How to Help an Unconscious Dog

How to Take Your Dog’s Temperature


Websites for Pet Emergency Information



Emergency and First Aid Protocol for Pets – A great article resource for tackling a range of first aid and emergency situations.

The Pet Poison Helpline Poison List – A searchable database of poisons to pets including the poison, level of toxicity, symptoms, and treatment.

Find a Local Emergency Vet – A searchable database of local emergency vet clinics.

Help for the Homeless with Pets – A GREAT website to help the homeless who have pets.

Home Again Microchip Website – Home Again microchipped pets can be reported as lost or found on this site.

Financial Assistance Resources – A list of resources to help pet owners in various circumstances with their expenses.

Best Friends Rescue Financial Assistance Resources – More great financial assistance resources for pet owners.

Can I Give My Dog…? – A searchable website that addresses a wide variety of items that you can and can’t feed your dog.

When to Call Your Vet – An article by Dr’s Foster and Smith detailing when you should call your vet.

Bring Fido – A website dedicated to pet-friendly hotel and travel locations.

Pets Welcome – Another site dedicated to pet-friendly travel locations.

People with Pets – A national database of pet-friendly apartment listings.

NOLO Pet’s and Estate Planning Information – How to provide for your pet in your will.

ALDF Animal Protection Laws in the US and Canada – An easy to navigate website with the animal protection laws of the US nad Canada listed.

USDA State AND Local Animal Laws in the US – A website dedicated to state and local laws with regards to various aspects of animal life.

Animal Law – This site provides information to allow you to take action on current animal laws and legislation.

Humane Society of the US Webpage on Making a Disaster Plan for your Pet – Learn how you can make a dependable disaster plan for your pet.

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