Five Really Weird Inventions for Dogs

Doggie Bjorn

You know when you see an invention idea and you just have to wonder…?

Check out five really weird inventions for dogs that will leave you wondering for days!


1. The Poo Trap

I’m not sure about you, but I’m quite confident that there is a lot of dignity lost for anyone caught within a million miles of this “magic” invention.

Wondering what it’s cost you? Between $38 and $59 U.S. dollars.


2. Rear Gear

I’m pretty sure that the worst thing in the world is *not* the realization that your dog has an anus. Besides that, aren’t you just drawing more attention to it by placing a gigantic sticker over it?

These will cost you around $5, but I’d recommend just not looking at your dog’s anus instead.


Doggie Bjorn

3. Doggie Bjorn

I get the desire to carry your dog around with you anywhere you go, but this…tell me that pug looks comfortable.

There are a lot of variations on this one, but you’re looking at a ballpark price of around $55.


4. The Puppoose

A dog is not a purse.

That is all.

Oh, and this one? It’ll run you around $60.


Dog Duck Muzzle

5. The Duck Bill Dog Muzzle

Because as if muzzling wasn’t fun enough for your dog, you can now get everyone to laugh at him to add to his enjoyment!

For $9, why not just save your money and point and laugh at your dog at home?

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