10 Amazing Handmade Dog Collars From ETSY

preppy dog collar

It’s no secret that I LOVE spoiling my dogs and handmade dog collars are one of my favorite ways to do that!

Things here at Philosophy of Dog have been a little “heavy” lately so today we’re taking a break from the serious and checking out some of my latest ETSY finds!

10 Amazing Handmade Dog Collars From ETSY!

preppy dog collar

1. The Railroad Denim Grey Pinstripe Collar, Bowtie, and Leash

Heading out for a preppy event with your dog in tow or just like to make your dog look a little more “presentable” in the morning? This pinstripe collar, leash, and bowtie set are adorable and you can even make adjustments to the color of the buckle if you like!

Price: $8.99+  Find It Here: Collar Doos

Embroidered Dog Collar

2. Blue Floral Embroidered Dog Collar

A little less preppy, this floral print blue collar can be personalized with embroidery of your dog’s name. You also have the option of customizing the buckles and purchasing matching accessories too!

Price: $16+ Find It Here: Duke and Fox

Sushi Dog Collar

3. The Sashimi Sushi Dog Collar

Are you a fan of sushi and sashimi? This whimsical sushi print dog collar is something unique and can be customized with seven different buckle colors. These collars are even available in “tiny” for your extra small pups!

Price: $11+  Find It Here: Collars By Design

Hawaiian Flowers Dog Collar

4. Hawaiian Flowers Dog Collar

Looking for something bright and festive? This Hawaiian flower print collar is double lined for comfort and durability and shows up perfectly on those beautiful black dogs!

Price: $  Find It Here: Pawesome Pups

Pink Hearts Collar

5. Pink Hearts Collar

Feeling the puppy love? This sweet pink and red heart collar is made from designer fabric, durable stitching, and features beautiful bright silver colored hardware that you can switch for gold or black if you prefer!

Price: $21.55+  Find It Here: Designs By Wildside

Unique Teal Leather Dog Collar

6. Unique Teal Leather Dog Collar

This unique teal flower patterned leather collar (sorry vegan friends!) is colored through embroidery and is made to order. This is better for an occasional collar since it is embroidered, but it’s absolutely stunning.

Price: $42+  Find It Here: Tilde Straps

Deep Blue Formal Dog Collar and Bowtie

7. Deep Blue Formal Dog Collar and Bowtie

Another great formal choice, this deep blue formal collar and bowtie set is plain but fancy enough for every special occasion. You can opt for rose gold or gold colored hardware but I’d suggest going with rose gold!

Price: $20+  Find It Here: Barker and Bone

8. Pink Damask Dog Collar

If you want something that’s bright and screams character, this hot pink damask collar is perfect. As an added plus the D-ring on this piece is a single piece ring to ensure a strong and sturdy anchor point for your leash.

Price: $10  Find It Here: Southern Wag

Mint Dog Collar with Optional Leash

9. Mint Dog Collar with Optional Leash

I really love the cool mint green on this collar and leash combination and while it’s nothing terribly out of the ordinary I think it’s perfect for those big black puppers who need a splash of color! You can grab a collar, a collar and leash combination, and add a metal buckle upgrade too!

Price: $18.75  Find It Here: Poppy Parker Market

Brown Tweed Herringbone Dog Collar

10. Brown Tweed Herringbone Dog Collar

This is a must have collar on my wishlist because I’m a nerd like that. I love the tweed fabric because it’s a hardy well-wearing fabric and it looks formal yet not too formal. Mattie and Margot are known for their incredible collar quality and this one is a definite must-have for me!

Price: $42  Find It Here: Mattie and Margot

Know of more great places to get handmade dog collars? Drop a note below and share your favorites!

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