Senior Dog Dog Beds: The Snoozer Forgiveness Bed

Snoozer Forgiveness Bed

If you have been around for a while, then you have likely heard me bemoaning dog beds, particularly senior dog dog beds.

Until around a month ago, we had two dog beds – one we hated and one we loved. The funny part is that both of those beds were made by the same company – Snoozer.

The favorite of the two beds was the Luxury Overstuffed Pet Sofa, a bed we love for its size and sturdy bolsters, but a bed that needs more support in the base.

The least favorite of the two beds was the Orthopedic Pet Sofa, a bed that was the bane of my existence – seriously, I picked Jet up TEN TIMES a day EVERY day because the bolsters would not keep him in place! So, when I had the opportunity to review another Snoozer bed – the Forgiveness bed, I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

Forgiveness Sofa Dog Bed

The Forgiveness Dog Bed from Snoozer is something unique in the world of dog beds and something that special needs dogs and senior dogs have needed for a LONG TIME. This bed is 100% washable.

Let me repeat that – THIS BED IS 100% WASHABLE.

That’s nothing new, right? Well, it’s not new for dog beds on the whole, but it is new for supportive bolster style dog beds with THICK orthopedic type bases.

Being completely washable means that the bed can be kept clean of dust mites and allergens, but it can also be washed as necessary for dogs with incontinence issues.

The 5″ thick mattress is breathable which means that it doesn’t hold in heat, great for dogs like Jet who overheat easily.

So…what did we think?

The Structure:

Snoozer Forgiveness Bed

The above picture (black and white because the lighting in the color image was terrible) shows the difference in structure between the Forgiveness bed (top) and the Orthopedic Pet Sofa (bottom).

As you can see, the orthopedic pet sofa has bolsters that flop over and offer no support whatsoever.

The Forgiveness bed, on the other hand, has bolsters that are solid in construction, attached to the bed with more than a single seam, and they cover three sides of the bed and part of the front side.

What I like most about the Forgiveness bed structure is that the bolsters seem like they are constructed to last unlike those on the orthopedic bed.

The Size: 

The Orthopedic bed that we own is size large and the Forgiveness bed that we own is X-Large. The difference in size is extremely noticeable in terms of the space it takes up in the living room BUT the larger Forgiveness bed is so much easier for Jet to move around on.

The Large Orthopedic pet bed is 40L x 30W x 18H in. and the X-Large Forgiveness bed is 54L x 36W x 5H in.

The added space on the Forgiveness bed means that Jet can stretch out and snuggle into the bolsters, but also has room to stand up and turn around without slipping off the bed.

Standing up and turning around is one thing that has been extremely difficult for Jet on other beds because of the lack of space and his unsteadiness on his feet. On the larger Forgiveness bed, however, this hasn’t been an issue.

The Comfort:

Forgiveness Bed For Dogs

The above picture shows a closer image of the Forgiveness bed in our living room.

As you can see from this picture, the Forgiveness bed not only has an orthopedic-type base, but it also has a softer pillowtop – much like a human bed mattress might.

The “pillowtop” does not remove and is secured to the “orthopedic-type” base, but it offers just a little extra comfort on the bed, which I love.

Snoozer Dog Beds

The above picture shows a side by side image of the Forgiveness dog bed (left) and the Orthopedic pet bed (right).

As you can see from the picture above, the base of the orthopedic bed and the base of the Forgiveness bed are equal in height and in my opinion, they are equally supportive.

The added “pillowtop” on the Forgiveness bed gives it that extra edge when it comes to comfort, though.

Forgiveness Dog Bed Pillow Top

Snoozer Forgiveness Bed

The above picture is a color image of the material that covers our Forgiveness dog bed.

The traditional Forgiveness bed has a microsuede cover. We chose a cover from the”Show Dog Collection”.

The cover we chose for our bed was the “piston storm” option. This is a light gray fabric is similar to the “minky” type fabric used for children’s blankets. It is a soft velvety fabric that Jet loves to rub his face against when he lies down.

The Verdict:

So what is our verdict on the Forgiveness bed?

I haven’t had a chance to wash our bed yet, but I will say that so far, the Forgiveness bed combines everything we liked from both of the Snoozer beds that we already had. It is large, supportive, washable, breathable, structured, and comfortable. I don’t have to worry about Jet sliding off the sides of the bed because the bolsters are firmly held in place and Jet has more independence because he has the space and the support to stand up, turn around, and make himself comfortable.

Considering all of the dog beds we have owned over the last 15-years, I can honestly say that I am hopeful that this will be our last. It meets all of my criteria for a supportive and comfortable bed for Jet and as for Jet…I think this photo taken in the middle of the night says it all, don’t you?

Jet Snoozer Forgiveness Bed

Want to get your own Snoozer Forgiveness Dog Bed? Find them here

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