The Cadence of Life

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Being a senior dog mom is HARD. The thing is, though, is that it’s worth it.

Aging dogs are much like aging people, they tend to hit a point where aging turns into regression.

It sounds depressing, but it isn’t.

Sharing your life with a senior dog is about more than this regression. Sharing your life with a senior dog is also about a bond to which few (if any) other bonds can compare.

There is something about it that just makes you feel whole.


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There is an understanding that my boy and I both have, concerning the elephant in the room.

We know that it grows larger, that it creeps closer, impinging upon the cozy corner that we occupy. Yet we remain steadfast.

We overlook the indignities.

We pause to take in the sunsets.

We remember things as they always have been.

That very first moment in the silence of the morning when we greet each other with only a gaze.

Those mid-afternoon naps, when, with blankets wrapped tight, there is comfort in the hushed rise and fall of each breath.

The nightly rituals, when, with four kisses on the bridge of his nose, I remind him that I am here. And that he is loved more than the world, more than the moon, more than the galaxy, and more than the universe. And just in case he forgets, I tell him that this is a lot because his daddy says so and his daddy knows all about space.

And I tuck him into bed and as we both begin to drift, we ignore the sounds of that elephant in the room and listen instead to the cadence of life.

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