There’s a New Dog in the Family!


No, before you ask, Jet’s daddy and I have not had our hearts stolen away by another four-legger just yet, but we have been blessed with a four-legged niece!


Meet Yumi, pronounced “you-me”.

Yumi was adopted from the Seattle Humane Society by my little brother and his girlfriend on May 10th. It was meant to be.

My brother has wanted a dog of his own for just about as long as he can remember (it’s in the genes!), but like a responsible adult, he waited until his job was settled and he had moved into his new home. Once this happened we began our daily scouring of rescues and shelters.

He knew what he was looking for and after a month or two he saw a tiny black furball at the Seattle Humane Society. Her name was Minnie.

My brother and his girlfriend went down to meet her. They played with her. They loved her. They were ready to fill in their paperwork when they were told that there had been a mistake, Minnie had already been adopted out and should not have been on the adoption floor.

They were heartbroken and went home emptyhanded.

Two days later my brother received a phone call from the Seattle Humane Society – Minnie had been returned by her adopters.

Seconds after hanging up the phone my brother was on his way to pick up his first very own fur-kid.

Once they got home, she had no problems finding her way around.

Yumi at Home

She got her first bath to get rid of that shelter feel…

Yumi bath

Soon she had made herself right at home…

Yumi bedtime

And we knew it wouldn’t be long before she had her daddy wrapped around her little paw!

Happy Yumi

It quickly became clear that she adored him just as much as he adored her…

Yumi Loves Her Dad!

She is still learning what she likes…

Yumi Eating Carrots

Namely carrots and playing hide and seek under the sofa!

And what she doesn’t like…

Yumi Celery

Those stringy pieces on the celery are just so annoying!

And she’s becoming an expert at long walks with mom and dad!

Yumi Hiking

Although sometimes she gets a bit too ambitious and hitches a ride back to the car!

Yumi Gets Carried

And she’s already made friends with other dogs in the neighborhood including Pancake the Corgi!

Yumi Plays with Pancake

And her best pal, German Shepherd pup Kayn…

Yumi and Kayn

She’s even had a DNA test and the results didn’t wind up anything like we all thought they would!

Yumi DNA

All in all, it’s been a rather tiring month…

And I am one proud auntie!

Expect to see much more of this little furball in the future and if you’re on the lookout for Yumi pictures, you can find plenty on her Tumblr feed!

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