Which Dog Food Company Has Had the Most Recalls?

Which Dog Food Company Has Had the Most Recalls

Which Dog Food Company Has Had the Most RecallsDo you know which dog food company has had the most recalls?

In my last blog post, I covered dog food companies/brands that have never had recalls on their foods.

While researching, I found myself quite surprised at some of the brands that had been recalled.

Someone pointed out that some of the foods that didn’t make the list had only had certain things recalled – for example, Fromm had only recalled their canned food and not their kibble.

While I have great respect for small family-owned businesses, the point of the list was to label companies and brands that have NOT had recalls.

After putting the list together, I got to wondering just which dog food company has had the most recalls…

Which Dog Food Company Has Had the Most Recalls?

The answer to this question depends on the life of the company and the number of recalls that company has issued. For example, if a company is thirty years old and has had three recalls in their history, they have a better track record than a company that is two months old and has already had two recalls.

Looking at just the number of recalls, however, it would appear that the company with three recalls was the worse of the two.

So…here’s what I can tell you…

The most comprehensive and easily read database of dog food recalls is found at Dog Food Advisor. This list covers recalls from 2009 to the present. Why 2009? I’m not entirely sure, but for the sake of simplicity and time, I’m going to use this as a point of reference.

So…which dog food company has had the most recalls since 2009? There are three companies with a total of six recalls each:

  • Blue Buffalo
  • Bravo
  • Diamond Dog Food

What do you need to know about these recalls?

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recalls

Blue Buffalo was founded in 2002 and have had six recalls since. Four of Blue Buffalo’s recalls took place between 2016 and 2017. One Blue Buffalo recall took place in 2010, one took place in 2015, one took place in 2016, and three have taken place in 2017.

Bravo Dog Food Recalls

Bravo entered into the pet food industry in 2012 and have had six recalls since. Bravo has had no recalls since 2015. During 2015, they had two recalls, they had two recalls in 2014, one recall in 2013, and one recall in 2011.

Diamond Dog Food Recalls

Diamond Dog Food began business in 1970, they are a 45-year-old company who since 2009 have had six recalls. All of Diamond Dog Food’s recalls took place between April and May of 2012, they have not had a recall since.

So…what would I recommend?

In the past, Jet had eaten two of the three brands of food listed above. One of them (Blue Buffalo) nearly killed him, the other (Bravo) put a spring back in his step and never made him ill. With that said, I’d direct you to the list of dog foods that have never been recalled. This is a good place to begin, from there, narrow down what YOUR dog needs and what works with your budget.

No single food is right for every dog and it’s you and your vet’s job to find the right option for your furkid!

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