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Zen Crate for Anxious Dogs

Zen Dog  Crate for Anxious Dogs

Today, I discovered the Zen Dog Crate.

Let me back up for a minute…

If you have been a reader here for any amount of time, then you know that Jet struggles with Anxiety.

Not just “anxiety”, but anxiety to which we have never found a solution.

We have tried pills, potions, wraps, scents, sounds, toys…the list goes on. The thing is, though, and if you know anything about me, you know that I won’t stop trying. I will continue to search for a solution for my boy until we find something, anything, that works.

So, when I saw an ad for the Zen Dog Crate today on my Facebook feed, I stopped. I watched the video, and, I maybe even cried a little bit.


What is the Zen Dog Crate?

So, the Zen Dog Crate is a crate that was built with anxious dogs in mind.

It’s purpose? To bring zen to your dog.

I don’t know if Jet has ever actually known “zen”, but the thought of him having the opportunity to know it before the end of his days arrives…well, it makes me cry.

I don’t know if the Zen Dog Crate is the answer to finding Jet’s zen, but it’s the first anxiety solution for dogs that makes sense.

Okay, so back to the crate…

Zen Dog Crate Features

The Zen Dog Crate is a wooden crate that has a memory foam bed inside, noise canceling features built into its construction,  vibration absorption, a fan in the ceiling, a music feature, and a camera inside. If that wasn’t enough, it has proximity sensors that turn on the fan and music features when your dog enters the crate.

Still want more? The Zen Dog Crate works with a smartphone app, so you can not only view your dog in the crate when you aren’t there, but you can also control the features of the crate from your phone.

But wait…there’s more…

The algorithm of the crate technology learns about your dog’s behavior. It then updates the music played in the crate according to your dog’s behavior.

What do I like about the Zen Dog Crate?

  • It doesn’t have a door, so the dog (like Jet) who is afraid of confinement, doesn’t experience increased anxiety before finding any comfort.
  • It uses sound and sound technology to drown out fearful noises before covering them up. Music helps to drown out scary noises for anxious dogs, but at the same time, it’s a process of drowning out noise with more noise. By quieting fearful sounds before adding a soothing sound, it makes for less of a cacophony of noise which can be frightening and overstimulating.
  • It has a fan. Few pet products for anxiety focus on the fact that when dogs get worked up with anxiety, they get HOT. For dogs like Jet, with heart disease, getting hot means exacerbating his heart condition which is already exacerbated by his anxiety.
  • It uses an orthopedic bed. Seriously, has anyone other than me EVER tried out dog beds? Honestly, I go into the store, I lay on them myself and 99.9% are little more than a couple of blanket’s worth of padding.
  • It has a camera. Why does this matter? Because when you have an excessively anxious dog who falls silent, you want to know why they are silent, but you also don’t want to disturb them if they have finally settled down.
  • Smart technology. Smart technology that allows your dog’s crate to learn about your dog is a step beyond any other anxiety soothing product we have seen. I can’t speak to how well something like that might work, but it may hold promise.


So, What’s the Damage?

Like many advanced products, the Zen Dog Crate comes with a price tag. Beginning at $450, it’s certainly not the most affordable product, but there is something to consider with that price tag.

Over the years, I can’t imagine how much money we have spent in pursuit of the ultimate anxiety solution. If you have an anxious dog, then I know that you can’t imagine it either.

And then there’s the consideration of that anxiety itself. Is there a price tag for soothing your dog’s anxiety?

If it’s possible, if it’s within budget…well, I don’t know a single parent of an anxious dog who wouldn’t want to take a chance on something like this.


When and Where Can You Get the Zen Crate?

Estimated delivery for the Zen Crate is April 2017.

Currently, you can only order from the Zen Dog Crate website.

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